Notice: As of February 20, 2024 - We have NO WINCHES in stock currently.
Notice: As of February 20, 2024 - We have NO WINCHES in stock currently.

Golo Power Winch

Golo lightweight, electric Winch

Turn major jobs into minor chores with easy to operate, compact, lightweight, electric winches.

Common advantages to both single and double drum:
  • Hi-Strength Aluminum Gear Housing -
    Lightweight-Precision machined to exact specifications.
  • Sealed Gears -
    Run in oil bath for constant lubrication to help prevent "friction wear" and heat rise.
  • Lightweight Intermittent Reversible Motor -
    High speed AC 1.3HP open universal motor with aluminum body. 115 v-15 amps, 230 v- 8 amps.
  • Simple Field Repair -
    Quick disconnect of switch connections and of main box assemblies.
  • Double Reduction Worm Gearing - Aluminum bronze worm gears with hardened and ground steel worms. Gear ratios: 533- 1 and 267- 1.
  • Switch Box Materials -
    Hi-impact plastic made from permanent mold equipment.
  • Ball and Roller Bearings - Used throughout for smooth performance.
  • Easy Mounting - Mount horizontally, vertically, or inversely with the 4-mounting holes below drum. ( All positions except wall mount with oil filler plug in "up" position.)
  • Single Selector Switch Controls (AC Only ) - Momentary or Maintained available
  • Disconnect - Available as option on remote controls.
Single Drum Winch Features: Double Drum Winch Features:
  • Cable Lock -
    Lets you attach the cable to drum in seconds.
  • Specially Grooved Steel Drums -
    Assist in proper alignment for continuous loop cable.
  • Anti-Stacking Drum -
    Helps eliminate cable "stacking" that can reduce lifting / pulling power.
  • Additional Bearings -
    Four large load carrying bearings at drum section.
Patented trigger-duodynamic™ electrical breaking in conjunction with reversible universal motor plus double reduction self-locking worm gearing gives the operator safer control.